ACR J10 Stage 1 Upgrade Kit

ACR J10 Stage 1 Upgrade Kit

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If you are looking at ur first purchase and want something with a little more punch so you can be competitive on the fields and don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend, then our Upgraded Stage 1 ACR J10 Will be perfect for you

Stage 1 Kit includes:

Green O Ring

1.3 Spring

33.5cm Alloy Barrel

11.1v Battery


1 x illustrated Instructions with Chinese

1 x Brand New Stage 1 Upgrade JM ACR J10  Gel Blaster

5 x 500 Pack of Gel Balls

1 x Rechargeable 1500 mAh 7.4v  Battery. (Upgrade to a 11.1v Li-Po Battery for up to 50% increased rate of fire)

1 x set of iron sights

1 x USB Charging Cable

1 x Black Flash Hider

1 x Gel Ball Bottle

1 x Safety Glasses

This Blaster shoots 290-300 FPS with our stage 1 upgrade kit. 

ACR J10 $200, 11.1v Battery $15, Alloy Barrel 33.5cm $10 1.3 Spring $4 Labor $11 to install